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Maryland Council of Equestrian Therapies is working on some exciting opportunities for 2021.  We would love for you to join us so you and your students can benefit.  
Great educational opportunities

  • PATH Intl. Region 2 Conference sponsored by MCET. This event will be held on March 26, 27 & 28.  
  • Check the Region 2 Facebook to sign up for this zoom conference.  
  • Take advantage of a free MCET Membership when you sign up for the 2021 Region 2 PATH Intl. Conference. 

Special Olympics Coaches Training.  Networking at least twice a year at different therapeutic riding programs throughout Maryland.   
Competitions for our athletes include Special Olympics Equestrian Sports which is going to be offered via Zoom, Maryland Challenged Equestrian Trials, Labor Day Horse Show at Maryland State Fair, Locally offered Para-Dressage Competitions once a month May to November and numerous Local Therapeutic Riding Horse Shows. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for dates, times, how to enter and prize lists.  

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