Support equine-assisted activities and therapies in Maryland by becoming a MCET Member

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The following memberships are available:

Individual Membership: $15.00/year

Benefits of Individual Membership:

  • Vote at all general meetings

  • Discounts to MCET educational programs

  • Hold office, serve on committees, or any appointed or elected duty

  • Participate in all MCET sponsored activities

  • Receive all communication designed for general membership

Center Membership: $25.00/year

Benefits of Center Membership:

  • 1 vote at all general meetings

  • Discounts to MCET educational programs

  • Listing in brochure and on website

  • MCET center member riders pay only $10.00 per class at the June show (all other participants pay $15.00/class)

Membership runs from January-December. Members who join late in the year will need to renew membership in January.

Regular membership meetings are scheduled quarterly and announced via email and phone at least two weeks in advance, location in various parts of the state.

Election of officers shall be held at the January meeting, location at the Maryland Horse World Expo in Timonium, Maryland.

Special or Officer meetings may be called by the president as deemed necessary and may be conducted via conference call or at various locations in the state.